Monday, May 13, 2019

Link Contacts to Partners via CSV Import

It is not yet possible to import Partners and Contacts together by using CSVImport Assistant. Enhancement 147758 was logged for the purpose of importingEntities and Contact together.

To link/attach existing contacts to existing partner records via CSV:

1. Prepare a CSV file containing the Internal IDs of partners andcontacts to be linked.

2. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Recordsand set the following:

  • Import Type = Relationships
  • Record Type = Contacts Only

3. Select the CSV file from (1)and click Next.

4. Set Data Handling to Update and click Next.

5. Set the following Field Mapping:

  • Partner Internal ID < = > Company
    Note: Click the pencil icon and in new pop up window set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID
  • Contact Internal ID < = > Internal ID

6. Click Next.

7. Providean Import Map Name and click Save & Run.

After the import, contacts arefound under the Relationships tab of partner records.

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