Sunday, May 12, 2019

Report showing Monthly Quantity on Hand for an item

To create a report that lists down items with quantity of hand on a monthly format, follow the steps below:

- Navigate to Reports > Inventory/Items > Inventory Valuation
- Click on Customize button
    - On the Report Builder do the following:
        - Hit Edit Columns link
            - Expand Quantity On Hand folder select Location folder > select Name
            - Move the Location column to the left - this should be your first column
            - Remove other columns like Item Type, Description, Inv. Value/%of Inv. Value
        - Hit Edit Columns link
            - Expand Quantity on Hand folder > Select Quantity on Hand
            - On Report Preview > highlight the added column Quantity on Hand
            - Disable Add % of Total Column checkbox
            - Set Alternate Period Range dropdwon to
Relative to today's date
Set Alternate Period Range to (Custom)        
            - Select Jan 20XX
            - Set Column Label to January
            NOTE : Do the same procedure until you have selected needed months to be shown on the report.
    - Set Report Name then hit Save

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