Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Resolve 'The feature Sale Downloadable file required to access this page is not enabled on this account.'

If system throws an error notice about Thefeature 'Sale Downloadable' file required to access this page is not enabled onthis account when navigating to Lists > WebSite > Items, it only means that the feature SellDownloadable File is disabled

This happens because the Item List is set to show Type =Download Item and then the feature was disabled. Solutionare as follows:

Option 1:

1. Enable Sell Downloadable File featureby navigating to Setup > Company > EnableFeatures > Items & Inventory > Items > SellDownloadable File > Save

2. Navigate back to item list by navigating toeither:
Lists > Web Site > Items OR
Lists > Accounting > Items

3. Set Type to -All- 

4. Disable the Sell Downloadable File feature

Option 2:

1. While logged in, copy & paste the URL below in an actively logged in browser: 

2. Press Enter

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