Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bulk Create Manufacturing Routing Steps via CSV Import

Important: Prepare your CSV Import file beforehand with the following information arranged in column:

1. Default – Yes or No
2. ExternalId
3. Inactive
4. Internal ID
5. Item
6. Location
7. Memo
8. Name
9. Manufacturing Cost Template 1
10. Manufacturing Work Center 1
11. Operation Name 1
12. Operation Sequence 1
13. Run Rate 1
14. Set Up Time 1
15. Manufacturing Cost Template 2
16. Manufacturing Work Center 2
17. Operation Name 2
18. Operation Sequence 2
19 Run Rate 2
20. Set Up Time 2

--- Number 9 to  14 represents step 1 of the process
--- Number 15 to 20 represents step 2 of the process
--- Continue this until all steps are included

For each manufacturing routing for an item, add a row.  In this example, this will list one new routing for an assembly with 2 steps.  If you would like to create 3 new manufacturing routings, then you will have three rows.



1. Navigate to Set Up > Import/Export > Import CSV Records

2. At the Scan & Upload CSV File window, enter the following:
-----a. Import Type: Supply Chain
-----b. Record Type: Manufacturing Routing
-----c. CSV Files: Mark 'One File to Upload' and click Select to choose file to be imported.
-----d. Hit Next.

3. At the Data Handling window, select Add or Update. Hit Next.

4. At the Field Mapping window > NetSuite Fields side, click on the (+) at the right of the Manufacturing Routing Routing Steps folder until it displays the maximum number of steps based on the file you will import.  Expand each subfolder to display the information to be mapped per step.

5. At the Field Mapping window, map the file import fields vs. NetSuite import fields following the format of the CSV columns entered above. 

6. At the Saved Mapping and Start Import window, enter the Import name (for future imports of the same nature)

6. Click Save and Run. You will now be redirected to another window. Click on the "Import Job Status" link to be directed to the status window.  Click on Refresh until the record has been imported 100% and you will see if it was done so successfully.

7. To verify successful imports if data have been correctly imported, navigate to Lists > Supply Chain > Manufacturing Routing

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