Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Saved Search to Send Alert when a New Employee Record is Created

Human Resources and Payroll departments have distinct roles in an organization. Human Resources is mostly task in creating the employee record of new hires while Payroll ensures these new hires are included in payroll processing.

Human Resources can create an employee saved search which triggers an email alert or notification sent to Payroll when there is a new hire.

To create the search, kindly follow the steps below:

1.  Navigate to Reports > Searches> All Saved Searches > New > Employee.

2.  Under Criteria > Standard > Filter> click on the drop down and choose Date Created > Description = is within today.
3.  Under Result, select all fields you want included on the email alert.

4.  Under Email > Specific Recipients > Recipient > click on the drop down to choose the name of the recipient of the email alert.

5.  You may customize the message sent to recipient under Email > Customize Message.

6. Still on Email > Schedule >specify the frequency of the email.
7. Rename and Save the search.

An email alert is sent automatically to the person/s in charge of processing payroll when a new employee record is created. This is as long as the recipient is defined in the Email> Specific Recipients tab of the search.

Note: In some instances, e-mail alert is not sent to the recipients if the change was from a CSV import. To resolve, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Email Preferences (Administrator).
2. Under General section, check Enable Email Alerts for WS and CSV Imports option.
3. Save.

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