Friday, May 24, 2019

Saved Search to show Employees Average Earnings base on the employees Pay Frequency

Create an employee save search to show employees average earnings baseon the employees pay frequency.

Payroll Processor may need a cheat sheet to compare what is the averageearnings of an employee in each payroll considering the assigned pay frequency.

This can be done by customizing an employee save search to include formulanumeric as results.
1. Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees > Search >Create Saved Search

2. In Criteria Tab > Standard > you may add the followingFilter
a. Include in US Payroll = T
b. Inactive = F
c. Termination/Release Date = Empty

3. In Results Tab > Columns >add the following Fields
a. Formula Numeric
- Formula Column:   ROUND(CASE WHEN{primaryearningtype} = 'Wage' THEN ({primaryearningamount}*2080)/12 WHEN{primaryearningtype} = 'Salary' THEN {primaryearningamount}/12 ELSE 0.00 END,2)
- Custom Label = Once a Month

b. Formula Numeric
- ROUND(CASE WHEN {primaryearningtype} = 'Wage' THEN({primaryearningamount}*2080)/24 WHEN {primaryearningtype} = 'Salary' THEN{primaryearningamount}/24 ELSE 0.00 END, 2)
- Custom Label = Twice a Month

c. Formula Numeric
- ROUND(CASE WHEN {primaryearningtype} = 'Wage' THEN({primaryearningamount}*2080)/26 WHEN {primaryearningtype} = 'Salary' THEN{primaryearningamount}/26 ELSE 0.00 END, 2)
- Custom Label = Twice a Week

4. In Available Filters > Add thefollowing Filter (Optional)
a. Department : Show in Footer = T
b. Location: Show in Footer = T
c. Subsidiary : Show in Footer = T

5. Rename the Search and click Save

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