Friday, May 24, 2019

Request to Expedite Payroll for Premier Payroll


Payroll must be committed atleast two days prior to the intended Check Date before 2:00PM Pacific Time.


An expediting request is needed if Premier Payroll Users missed the 2:00PM cut-off. This should be coordinated with Support team via submitting an Online case or calling the Support Hotline.



  1. The request is subject to Management approval. There is no guarantee that the request can be accommodated.

Note: The current status of the batch and the timing of request are critical. In most cases, the expediting process must be completed before 4:00 pm Pacific at least 2 business days before the intended check date.


  1. Processing 1 day direct deposits and printing checks for delivery the following day is not plausible with Ceridian.


  1. A $100.00 expediting fee shall apply, which the Premier payroll user has to agree in writing through the case.


  1. In rare occasions, Ceridian can allow expediting Direct Deposit payroll requests even if the payroll is going to be committed after 5:00PM Pacific Time, Two days before the intended check date. In such cases, aside from the $100.00 expediting fee, Premier payroll user will be charge by an additional $35.00 fee plus interest. Bank charges may also apply.


  1. Wiring fees to be charged by the Bank to the Premier payroll user's employees as well as Bank Fees charged to Premier Payroll service as a result of the transaction is under user's account.


  1. If it is way past the deadline, Premier Payroll service cannot guarantee that the funds will post to the employee's account first day in the morning. Some employees with credit union accounts may not see their funds until much later than normal.


  1.  Payroll batch with incorrect amended date may need to be deleted, reversed and reprocessed, whichever is applicable.
  • The number of employees to be processed will greatly affect the process as reversals are done per paycheck and not by payroll batches.

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