Friday, May 24, 2019

Setting up Criteria using fields not available as a Filter in an employee Saved Search

There are some fields found in the employee record that is available as a Result in an Employee Saved Search but is not available as a Critera. To name some, those are Mobile Phone, Home Phone, and Office Phone.

Below are the steps on how to make those fields available as a Criteria:
-Navigate to Reports > Saved Search > New.
-Select Employee.
-Under Criteria tab> Standard Sub tab, select Formula Text.
-In the pop-up box, click on Field drop-down and look for the field name that needs to be used as a Criteria.
-Set Formula text = is not empty.
-Click Set.
-Preview or Save the Search.

 Additional Fields can be added under the Results tab depending on the customer's need.

Enhancement 222024 has been filed to address this issue

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