Sunday, May 26, 2019

Show Pop-up Message on Transaction Based on Customer Fields

The article below describes a Workflow that can show a custom pop-up alert message depending on fields from the selected customer

Use-Case for this sample: *users can change the record types and fields to fit their business needs
When the selected Customer is a first time buyer (custom checkbox), remind users to add a special item in the Sales Order

1. To create the Workflow, navigate to  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New. Enter the following information in the Workflow Summary:
 Record Type : Transaction
 Sub Types : Sales Order
 Release Status : Released
 Initiation : Event Based
 On Create : Checked
 On Update : Checked
 Trigger Type : Before Record Load
 Event Type : Create, Edit

2. Click on the State 1, and create a new action with the following information:
 Type  : Show Message
 Trigger On : After Field Sourcing
 Client Fields : Entity *this is so the action will trigger after the Customer (entity) field was changed
 Condition : Click the 'Open' button on the right side of the condition. Use the following values: Record = Entity, Field = First Time Customer, Compare Type = checked. You can change the conditions to fit your needs.
 Parameters(Text) : Enter the text you want to pop-up

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