Friday, June 14, 2019

Alert Sales Reps when a specific Item is added to a Transaction

In the user's company, the Sales Force is expected a specific reaction up on selling a specific product. For this reason, the user wants to create an alert when the particular Item is added to a transaction.

Since it's not possible to set up an alert on records' sublists (like the Item sublist), the alternative is to set up a Saved Search that will trigger the alert by email upon saving a transaction including the specific Item(s).

To achieve this, the user can:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Search > All Saved Searches > New
  2. Select "Transactions"
  3. On the Criteria tab > Standard subtab > add the following:
  4. "Item" is "any of" "[add here all targeted items]"
  5. "Type" is "any of" "Sales Order"
  6. On the Email tab > Recipients from Results subtab > Recipient Field > add Created by
  7. Save.

This Search will run every time a sales order gets created. If the newly created sales order includes any of the targeted Items, an email alert will be sent to the creator of this sales order.

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