Friday, June 14, 2019

Customize A/R Aging Report to Exclude Intercompany Transactions on the AR Aging Report (Consolidated Level)

  1. Navigate to Reports Customers/Receivables AR Aging > Customize.
  2. Click on Filters Link and assign the following:
  3. Expand Unpaid Receivables folder>select Entity (Line) = Not Equal to Intercompany Customers/Vendors
  4. Expand Unpaid Receivables folder>select Subsidiary=Not Equal to Elimination Subsidiary
  5. Expand Customer/Project folder>select Name= Not Equal to Intercompany Customers/Vendors
  6. Click Save
Removing the Intercompany Transactions will not affect the total amount of the AR Aging Report since the amounts that are being taken out are offsetting (The original Transaction and the Elimination Entry). The total amount should still balance with the Accounts Receivable balance in the Balance Sheet.

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