Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Asset Depreciation is completed with errors > Processing failed: Please enter value for Department

- Navigate to Fixed Assets > Fixed Assets Background Processing > Process Instance List. On the footer of the screen, set Quick Sort to Recently Created and look for the Process Name of Asset Depreciation.
- View the Asset Depreciation Process that was completed with error(s).
- Go to Custom tab > BG - Process Log subtab.
- The error message was Processing failed: Please enter value for Department for Asset ID: xxx.

The asset record with Internal ID xxx do not have a department assigned and the journal entry to be entered from the depreciation has the Department field as mandatory field.

To resolve this:

- Navigate to Fixed Assets > Lists > Assets.
- Edit the asset with Internal ID xxx > Under the General tab > Populate for Department field > Save.
- Go to Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Depreciation.
- Run asset depreciation.

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