Sunday, June 9, 2019

Automatically Select a Default Bank Account for a Vendor in a Bill Payment

This is an alternate Solution for Enhancement 256745 - Vendor > Make Payment> to have the capability to assign bank accounts to the vendor toautomatically populate on the Pay Bills page

There's currently no setting that controls this yet.

Steps to automatically select a default bank account for a vendor in a Bill Payment
1. Create a Workflow to change values

 - Navigate to Customization> Scripting> Workflows> New.
- Provide Name "Set bank account - vendorpayment"
- Set Record Type = Transaction 

- Set Sub Types =Vendor Payment 
- Set Execute as Admin = T
- Set Release Status = Released/Testing

* Under Initiation, set ' Event Based' = T

* Under Event Definition,set the following

a. On Create = T
b. On Update = T

c. TriggerType = Before Record Load
d. Context = User Interface 

e. Event Type = Create and Edit

- Click on Save
2. Create State

- Click on the NewState button
- Provide Name "Set bank account - vendorpayment"
- Hit Save
3. Create Action

- Click on the State created
- Click on New Action button
- Click on Set Field Value

- Set Context = User Interface 
- Set Trigger On =After Field Sourcing
-Set Client Fields = Entity

* On the Condition section:

- Set Condition: Vendor = {selectname/s of your vendor}  

* On the Parameters section:

- Set Field = Account
- Select the StaticValue radio button
- Set Selection = {your desired bank account}

- Save

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