Sunday, June 9, 2019

Set a Default Customer Credit Limit Per Subsidiary

This is an alternate Solution for Enhancement 211809 - OneWorld:Setup>Accounting>Accounting Preferences>General>AccountsReceivable>Ability to assign a default Credit Limit per subsidiary. Thedefault value on credit limit should auto populate when creatingCustomers/Leads/Prospects

Steps to set a default customer credit limit per subsidiary:
1. Create a custom field on the subsidiary record to assign a customer creditlimit

   - Navigate to  Customization > Lists, & Records, & Fields > Other Record Fields > New

  - Set the following:

     Record Type: Subsidiary 
     Label: Customer Credit Limit 
     Type: Currency
     Store Value: T

   - Save

2. Edit the subsidiary records and assign values in the 'CustomerCredit Limit ' (custom) field

3.  Create a Workflow tochange values based on the assigned values in the subsidiary records

     • Navigate  Customization > Scripting > Workflows > New.
     • Provide Name "Set Default Credit Limit per Subsidiary"
     • Set Record Type: Customer

     • Set Sub Types: Customer
     • Set Execute as Admin: T
     • Set Release Status: Released/Testing

* Under Initiation, set ' Event Based': T

* Under Event Definition,set the following:

     • On Create: T
     • On Update: T

     • Trigger Type:Before Record Load
     • Context: User Interface 

     • Event Type: Create and Edit


4. Create State

     • Click on the New State button
     • Provide Name "Set Default Credit Limit per Subsidiary"
     • Hit Save
5. Create Action

     • Click on the State created
     • Click on New Action button
     • Click on Set Field Value

     • Set Context: User Interface 
     • Set Trigger On:After Field Edit

     • Set Client Fields: Subsidiary

* On the Parameters section, set the following:

     • Field: Credit Limit
     • From Field: T

     • Record: Subsidiary

     • Field: Customer Credit Limit

   - Save

When user creates a customer record and sets value in the Subsidiary field, the Credit Limit field value should updateaccordingly.

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