Sunday, June 30, 2019

Behavior of Vendor Field when Printing 1099 Forms

When printing 1099 Reports, Vendor Name that will display in the print out would be the information found in the Legal Name field (found in the Financial tab) of the Vendor record - if available.

If the Vendor Type is Individual and the Legal Name and Company Name are blank, Vendor ID and Vendor Name will be the ones which will display in the Form 1099 printout.

If Vendor Type is Company, the printout will default to the Company Name, but in any case when the Company Name is different than the Legal Name, it is the Legal Name which will be used.


This is the hierarchy which will be followed:

1. Legal Name

2. Company Name

3. Vendor ID :  Vendor Name (for Individual Type only since Company Name is mandatory for Company Type)

Note:Users can access the 1099 Reports in Reports > Sales Tax US > Form 1099-MISC.





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