Sunday, June 2, 2019

Bill Payment > Remove transaction (Bill Credit/Journal Entry) from Credit Applied sub tab


·        Edit Vendor Bill Payment

·        Missing transaction (BillCredit/Journal Entry (with debited Accounts Payableamount)) found in the Apply tab > CreditApplied sub tab

·        User needs to remove thetransaction from the VendorBill Payment



Option 1:
Delete then recreate the VendorBill Payment

1.   Edit Vendor Bill Payment

2.   Click Actions

3.   Click Delete

4.   Open the Vendor Bill > Click MakePayment or

5.   Navigate to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors >Pay Bills/Pay Single Vendor to pay Vendor Bill or Journal Entry (with credited AccountsPayable amount)

6.   Recreate Vendor Bill Payment without the applied credit.

Option 2:
Remove the vendor name from the CreditApplied transaction to sever the link to Vendor Bill Payment

1.  Edit the Bill Credit / Journal Entry

2.  Remove the value of Name forthe Accounts Payable account

3.  Save the transaction

4.  Click OK inthe prompt that says "This journal is paying other transactions.Editing the journal will cause these payments to be unapplied. Are you sure youwant to edit it?"

5.  Edit the Bill Credit / Journal Entry

6.  Re-enter the vendor nameunder the Name column for the Accounts Payable accountto associate that transaction with the vendor record

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