Sunday, June 2, 2019

Currency Mismatch between Purchase Order and Item Receipt


·        Item Receipt's Currency is MYR.

·        Purchase Order tagged to that Item Receipt has currency THB not MYR.

·        Thechange of the Purchase Order currency from MYR to THBis caused by either:

Scenario 1:

·        Useredited the Purchase Order

·        Userremoved then re-entered the name of the vendor in the Vendor field

·        Usersaved then Purchase Order


Scenario 2:

·        Useredited the Purchase Order

·        Userhit the Reset button

·        Usergot prompt: Some item lines have beenreceived. If you wish to delete the line(s), you must first delete thecorresponding line(s) in the associated transaction(s)

·        Userhit the OK button

·        Theuser saw another prompt:

Changing the location willremove the inventory detail. Are you sure you want to continue.

·        User hit the OK button

·        User re-entered the value of Vendor field since thevalue was erased

·        User saved the Purchase Order


Option 1:
To resolve the problem (revert Purchase Order currency to oldcurrency (MYR)):

1.    Edit the vendorrecord

2.    Set Primary Currency = MYR in the Financial tab

3.    Edit the Purchase Order

4.    Hit the Reset orjust remove then re-enter the name of the vendor in the Vendor field

5.    Save the Purchase Order

6.    Edit the vendorrecord

7.    Set Primary Currency = THB in the Financial tab


Option 2: If the user prefers to change the Item Receipt currency to THB to match the Purchase Order:

1.    Edit the Item Receipt

2.    Hit the Reset button

3.    Save the Item Receipt

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