Sunday, June 2, 2019

NetSuite Electronic Payments : Payments > Payment Processing > Bill Payment Processing > Payment File Administration stuck in Processing Payments status

If we navigate to Payments > Payment Processing > Payment File Administration

Sample result:

User: 12345 John Doe
Payment File Administration: 00001916
File Processed? = Processing Payments
File Reference = blank
All Payments are processed, Paid transactions 94/94

In this scenario, the Bill Payments has been created however there's no File Reference created.

Alternate Solution:

1. Navigate to Payments > Payment Processing > Payment File Administration.
2. Click Edit next to the Payment File Administration that was stucked in Queued status.
3. Change the File Processed field from Processing Payments to Processed.
4. Hit Save

Note: The Recreate File button will then appear after saving the changes.

5. Click Recreate File then wait for the payment file to finish processing.

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