Thursday, June 6, 2019

Create Saved Search Similar to Detailed Inventory Valuation Report with Quantity On Hand Running Balance

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New

2. Select Transaction

3. In the Criteria tab > set the following:

--Posting = is Yes

--Main Line = is False

--Account = Select the appropriate Inventory Asset Account(s)

--Location = Select the appropriate Location

--Date = is on or before (select specific date)

4. Click Results tab > set the following:

--Item > Summary Type = Group

--Quantity > Summary Type = Sum

--Amount > Summary Type = Sum

5. Rename Search Title

6. Click Save & Run

7. Run an Inventory Valuation Report by following the steps below:

--Navigate to Reports > Inventory/Items > Inventory Valuation > Customize Detail

--In the Edit Columns > Highlight the Qty column > mark the Add Running Balance checkbox

--Click Filters > Select the Date Range (similar to the date range in the Saved Search)

--Then set Location > Select specific Location (same as Location set in the search builder)

--Enter Name for the report

--Click Save

8. Lastly, notice that Quantity between the report and the Saved Search are the same.

Related enhancement request is Enhancement 175902.


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