Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CSV Import to Update Sales Orders > Change Commit column from Available Qty to Do Not Commit

Since the Commit column on sales orders is not available via Mass Update in NetSuite, users may opt to perform CSV import to update the said field instead. Follow below steps:


1.    Create a CSV file with the following columns headers:

a.     Internal ID (of the sales order)

b.    Line ID (of the specific line that you want to update)

c.     Commit


2.    Users may use the below saved search as template:

a.     Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

b.    Choose Transaction as Search Type.

c.     Under the Criteria tab, add the following filters:

                                          i.    Type: is Sales Order

                                         ii.    Main Line: is false

                                        iii.    Tax Line: is false

                                        iv.    Shipping Line: is false

d.    Under the Results tab, add the following:

                                          i.    Internal ID

                                         ii.    Line ID

                                        iii.    Commit

e.    Preview the search and export to CSV.


3.    To proceed with the import, navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records and set the following:

a.     Import Type: Transactions

b.    Record Type: Sales Order

c.     Browse the file from the computer and click Next.


4.    In the Data Handling, choose Update.


5.    Map the following in the Field Mapping page:

a.     Internal ID – Internal ID (Sales Order folder)

b.    Line ID – Items : Line Id (Sales Order Items folder)

c.     Commit – Items : Commit (Sales Order Items folder)


6.    Click Next.


7.    Enter an Import Map Name and click Save & Run.


It is recommended that users do a test import with one sales order before updating the rest of the sales orders.


Note: The above steps may be used to change the value of the Commit column to any value available in the Commit drop-down.

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  1. When I update line items, pricing seems to change as well and revert back to base pricing. Is there a way to keep all line amounts/rate/tax when replacing the item?