Saturday, June 8, 2019

Delete Employee record > prompt: The Employee record still has dependent records


·        User with appropriate role and permission wants to deletean Employee record because, for instance, the said employee has alreadyleft the company

·        User performs these actions:

·        Navigate to Lists> Employees > Employees

·        Hit the Editbutton for the employee name

·        Click on Actions> Delete

·        User receives prompt: "The Employee record still hasdependent records"



·        As a best practice, NetSuite does not suggestdeleting Employee records in thesystem, even though all the dependent records seen in UI have already beendeleted.

·        This is because the employee might still beassociated to other records (reports, searches, items, scripts, etc.) inback-end.

·        It is rather encouraged to inactivate theserecords and to remove the user login access of these employees:

1.   Navigate to Lists> Employees > Employee

2.   Hit the Editbutton for the employee name

3.   Set Give Access= False under the Access tab

·        This will:

·        Remove all user roles tagged to the employee underthe Roles sub tab

·        Free up a userlicense in case a full user access (Administrator role, Full Access, etc.) waspreviously assigned to the employee

·        User may use the Access tab > History subtab to audit which roles were previously associated to the record

4.   Set Inactive= True under the System Informationtab

5.    Hit the Save button

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