Saturday, June 8, 2019

Difference between the two Status Fields in Estimates

On an Estimate record, users can see two fields with the same name, and not the same value. These two fields are both indicating the Status of the transaction, for two different purposes:
  1. One is the Status field (field id=entitystatus, in the Main section of the form) which is the stage of advancement in the negotiation.

    It conditions the value of the field Probability, and possible values are such as Qualified, Proposal, In Negotiation, Purchasing, etc.

  2. The other Status field, which can be seen in the upper right corner of the form up on first saving, is rather a general Status which indicates whether the Estimate is currently Open, Processed, Closed, or Expired.

    Its value is automatically set, given the value in the field Status (Main) plus the date value stated in the field Expires (field id=duedate).

Note: This information is specifically useful when a users want to display the Status of the Estimates in a Saved Search Results column. 

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