Friday, June 28, 2019

Enter Amount on the Last Reconciled Balance Prior to First Reconciliation


To be able to display the correct value on the Last Reconciled Balance field, user can do a dummy reconciliation to enter the last reconciled balance from their old system.

1.    Navigate to Transactions> Bank> Reconcile bank Statement.

2. Select the Bank Account.

3. Enter a Statement Date prior to the first reconciliation statement date in NetSuite.

4. Set Ending Statement Balance = to the amount you prefer to show as your last reconciled balance for your first reconciliation in Netsuite.

5. Click Save. Warning for Difference would pop up > Click Ok.

Navigate back to the Reconcile Bank Statement page. Set the Statement Date to the date of your first reconciliation. Noticed that the Last Reconciled Balance field will now display the amount entered on the Ending Statement Balance field.



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