Friday, June 7, 2019

Populate or Update Est. Extended Cost column on Sales Orders via CSV Imports

Est. Extended Cost is auto populated based on an item's Cost Estimate Type. To manually enter or update values on the Est. Extended Cost columns of Sales Orders, users must set the Cost Estimate Type to Custom.

To do this via CSV Imports, users must include a column for Cost Estimate Type on their CSV files:

Cost Estimate Type

Est. Extended Cost





To import the csv file:
1) Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records
2) Import Type: Transactions
   Record Type: Sales Orders

3) Data Handling: Add (if creating new Sales Orders)
           Update (edit existing Sales Orders)

4) Field Mapping
 Cost Estimate Type = Item : Cost Estimate Type
 Est. Extended Cost = Item : Est. Extended Cost

Note: When updating Sales Orders, these fields should be included as well on the csv file:
 * Internal ID or Sales Order Number
 -This will tell NetSuite which Sales Order is being updated.
 * Line ID
 -Indicates which among the Sales Order line items is being updated.

5) Click Run or Save & Run button

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