Friday, June 7, 2019

Add a Comment in the Formula of a Saved Search

In a saved search comments can be added to increase the readability of a formula. A user can include a comment to a formula explaining its function. Comments are like notes, suggestions, warnings, etc. and are not executed.

To add a comment to a formula the characters /* */ are used.  Anything inside the characters /* */ will be a comment while anything before and after it will be executed.

An example is adding the use of the SQL expression SYSDATE in a saved time search. A user would like to add the comment explaining the function of the SQL expression SYSDATE which is "Returns the current date and time set".

Below are the steps to add both the SQL expression SYSDATE and also the comment:

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
2. Select Time as the Search Type.
3. Navigate the Results > Columns subtab.
4. Add the Field Formula (Date/Time).
5. In the Formula column add the formula SYSDATE/*Returns the current date and time set*/.
6. Click Preview.

Note: The saved time search will show a column for Formula (Date/Time) showing the system date and time without the comment.


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