Monday, June 17, 2019

Quota Displays Blank in the Sales Managers by Forecast Portlet when viewed as Administrator


1. Login as Administrator.

2. Navigate to Transactions > Quota/Forecast > Establish Quota > List.

  • View Sales Reps 1 and Sales Reps 2 both have Quotas with Total of 100,000 each. 
  • Department, Class and Location = Blank.
  • Team Quota = True.

3. Go to Home Dashboard.

  • Click Personalize button.

4. Personalize Dashboard menu:

  • Select Report Snapshots

5.  A Report Snapshot portlet will be added:

  • Select Setup
  • Snapshot dropdown = select Sales Managers By Forecast
  • Hierarchy Level = select (E.g 4th Level)
  • Click Save 
  • 6. Sales Managers By Forecast (Date Range: This Month) portlet will be displayed

    • Date Range = select This Year

    Actual Result: Administrator notices that Quota column displays Team Total = (E.g. 200,000). However both Sales Reps 1 and Sales Reps 2 corresponding quota are blank.


    This is caused by the Sales Rep has set Team Quota = True.

    Solution is to edit the Sales Rep's Quota and set Team Quota = False, this will display individual Sales Rep Quota in the report.

    There is no indication in Help Center topics "Establishing a Quota" or "Team Quotas" that when selecting Team Quota for a Sales Person will it reflect the amount only in the Total.

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