Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saved Search to Show the Date of First and Last Sale for Each Item Per Customer for a Specific Time Period

1.    Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New > Transaction

2.    Under Criteria tab > Standard sub tab, add the following filters:

a.     Type | is Invoice, Cash Sale

b.    Main Line | is False

c.     Shipping Line | is False

d.    Tax Line | is False

e.    Account Type | is None of None (This is to remove the Subtotal, Billable Line Totals and End of Group lines, etc. on the search results)

f.      Item Fields... Type | is none of Discount (Add this filter if you do not want to include Discount items on the search results)

g.    Date | is <specify your date range>

3.    Go to the Results tab, click on the Remove All button and add the following fields instead:

a.     Name > Set Summary Type = Group

b.    Item > Set Summary Type = Group

c.     Date > Set Summary Type = Minimum > Custom Label = Date of First Sale

d.    Date > Set Summary Type = Maximum > Custom Label = Date of Last Sale

4.    If you want to have the preference to change the date range directly on the Results page, go to the Available Filters tab and add Date as a filter > Make sure to mark the checkbox for Show in Footer.

5.    Rename the search

6.    Save

Note: If Date range is not necessary or you just want to see the Date of First or Last sale per item since you started selling it then just remove the filter for Date.

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