Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Source the Exchange Rate from a Transaction to a Decimal Number Custom Field in a Custom Record

The Exchange Rate field is a Currency Type field but can accept more than two decimal places as long as the Currency of the Transaction is different from the Base Currency.

When we create a Currency Type custom field, it only accepts two decimal places. If we source the Exchange Rate field to a Currency Type custom field, the rate will be rounded off automatically. There are instances that this affects the result when the custom field is used in a calculation.

An alternative is to create a Decimal Type custom field then use a formula to convert the Exchange Rate value to a number. Below are the steps.

1. In the Custom Record page, click on New Field.
2. Provide a Name.
3. Set Type = Decimal Number.
4. Uncheck Store Value.
5. In the Validation & Defaulting tab, set Default Value =


6. Change the `transactionparentfield' to the custom field ID of the Parent Transaction.
7. Click Save

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