Saturday, July 13, 2019

Setting Period Range for International Tax Reports

Through the International Tax Reports SuiteApp, NetSuite provides country-specific VAT/GST reports. Available reports depend on the subsidiaries and nexuses that have been set up in your NetSuite account.

For Localized VAT/GST Reports, dates can be set according as standard NetSuite reports. They can be set on the Date Range footer or as filter on the Report Builder page.

However, for particular localized reports, they are required specific forms for submission and the user interface is customized to accommodate report requirements.

Tax Reports (International)

EU Intrastat Report

EU Sales List (ESL) Report

The date range for these reports can be set on the Reporting Period From and To Dropdown fields.


Users should note that since these are tax reports, they follow the Tax Periods Structure (Setup > Accounting > Manage Tax Periods) rather than the Accounting Period Structure

For example, if a Tax Period for the fiscal year is set to a Quarters Period Format, then the dropdown will provide Quarters only selection.

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