Saturday, July 13, 2019

Users with the SWV Contract Renewals Module (Bundle 13315) encounters a popup message stating "An unexpected error occurred in a script running on this page"


1. Navigate to Customization > Forms >  Transaction Forms.

2. Edit the Custom Invoice form.

3. Select Screen Fields tab.

4. Then select Columns subtab.

5. Locate Contract Item Start Date & Contract Item End Date

6. Mark Show for their checkboxes.

7. Click Save.

Reason behind this script error is that there are certain fields that were removed in the Custom Invoice form.  In the above example, it is the Contract Item Start Date & Contract Item End Date.  Whenever this kind of error happens, there is a possibility that there are other similarly important fields that were hidden in the custom form.

These fields are required by SWV Contract Renewals Module (Bundle 13315).


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