Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Support Case Profiles

In previous versions, NetSuite only provides one NetSuite Inbound Email Address. We use this email address to forward email from your support email (or alias) to NetSuite. In 2014.1, users can now utilize Support Case Profiles which would allow them to generate multiple NetSuite Inbound Email Address to fit the business requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the navigational path for Support Case Profiles?

Answer: Navigate to Setup> Support> Case Profiles> New

2. Can we set a default Anonymous Customer Placeholders and Notifications per Case Profile?

Answer: Yes. You may set default values under General and Notifications tab. 

3. Should the Case Profile be Webstore or email specific? 

Answer: Since users can now create multiple Inbound Email Addresses linked to your NetSuite account, you can now specify a Support Email per webstore, subsidiary or for other filters you have in your Case Rules and Territories. 

4. Can I use Profile as a Case Rule for my Case Territory? 

Answer: Yes. If navigate to Setup> Support> Case Rules> Notice that there's a new filter called Profile. 

5. Do we create the NetSuite Inbound Email Address when setting up a Case Profile? 

Answer: No. NetSuite automatically generates an Inbound Email Address which is basically linked to the NetSuite Account. This is to ensure that cases are created under the correct company. You would notice that it appends a number after the account itself i.e. 819136_1, 819136_2 etc. 

6. Can we change/edit the NetSuite Inbound Email Address?

Answer: No. It is hard coded.

7. What is the limit of Case Profiles? Can an account set up to 100 Profiles?

Answer: There is no limit. However, it is not very practical to have too many Case Profiles. 

8. When setting up Case Profile (going to Setup > Support > Case Profile), do we see a blank page or are we supposed to see a default Profile that currently follows settings on Support Preferences?

Answer: For new accounts, one default profile will be created. For existing accounts, we will migrate existing settings and create one or more profiles as needed. You should always have at least one (default) profile.

9. How does this affect the One World Account? Do the Preferences in (Setup > Company > Subsidiaries > Preferences tab > Support sub tab) needs to be reconfigured or will just migrate and customers do not have to do anything?

Answer: All settings from One World subsidiary support tab will be migrated to profiles. Each subsidiary will have one profile after migration, containing all settings previously present on the subsidiary preferences. Customers do not have to do anything. Everything will be handled by NetSuite migration.

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