Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Update the workforce address where the W-2 will be mailed to

Included on the Year End Premier Payroll Guide is a reminder that Workforce Address should be updated, to ensure that employee will receive their W-2 copy which is mailed via USPS.

The W-2s are sent to whatever address information we have on record as of the deadline set for every year end processing. Update also relates to Employee Address, Complete Name and Social Security Number.

NOTE: Incorrect SSN will necessitate amending the W-2.

When updating the address, make sure that the Include in Payroll is checked on the Payroll tab of the Employee Record. In this way, when an update in payroll information is performed, changes get synchronized with the information Payroll Operations has on their end.

Sometimes, due to extension given when creating payroll adjustments, customer has time to do the address update up until the deadline set by Payroll Operations Team.

Please take note however that, if the file has already been sent to Ceridian, updating the address on the Employee Record will not be captured. Thus, W2 will not be sent to the updated address.

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