Friday, November 16, 2018

Case Search that Displays the Total Number of Closed Cases by Support Per Month and in Total

To get a Summary of Cases closed by each Support Rep broken down by month for each Support Rep, total by the year for each Support Rep and month running total (all in all), a Saved Search can be used.

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

2. Select Case from the list

3. On the Criteria tab, add the filter "Date Closed = Within This Fiscal Year"

4. Add the fields on the Results tab:

  • Assigned To > Summary Type = Group
  • Formula (Numeric) > Summary Type = Sum > Formula = DECODE (to_char({closed}, 'MM'), '01', 1,0)
Note:  Enter this 12 times, one for each month. DECODE (to_char({closed}, 'MM'), '02', 1,0) for February, and so on
  • To get the total enter a last Formula (Numeric) field > Summary Type = Sum > Fomula = (DECODE (to_char({closed}, 'MM'), '01', 1,0))+(DECODE (to_char({closed}, 'MM'), '02', 1,0))+ .... so on until you have each month included.

5. Click Save

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