Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Do not Display the Make Payment button on a Bill for a role that does not have Pay Bills Permissions.

1. Navigate to Setup > User/Roles > Manage Roles > Edit  Accountant Role [or any custom role]

2. Under Permissions > Transactions >

  • Bills = View Only  (Make sure Pay Bills permission is not included) 

3. Log in as the Accountant Role.

4. Navigate to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Bills > open an Open Bill. 

5. Notice the Make Payment button is available. 

6. Click Make Payment. 

An error is generated - "Permission Violation: You need the 'Transactions -> Pay Bills' permission to access this page. Please contact your account administrator."

The Make Payment button should not be available since the Role was not given the 'Pay Bills' permission. An enhancement has been filed for this - Enhancement 233216.

An alternate solution would be to assign a new Vendor Bill form for the Role with 'Make Payment' as hidden.

1. Navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction Forms.
2. Edit the Vendor Bill form. 
3. Under the Actions tab > Standard Actions > Uncheck Make Payment.
4. Set a Title for the Form, set this as the Preferred form for the Role under the Roles tab.
5. Click Save As.

The Form set will be the preferred form for the Role. When the user logs in, the 'Make Payment' button will no longer be available. This will work since the role will not have the permission to Pay Bills.


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