Friday, December 28, 2018

Inventory Count for Items marked to Use Bins shows incorrect Snapshot Quantity

If an Item is marked to Use Bins, then the Snapshot Quantity on the Inventory Count will take the total of Bin on Hand and not the Quantity on Hand.

To illustrate:

Inventory A has Quantity on Hand of 140. There are two Bins for this Item: Bin A and Bin B. Bin A has Quantity of 100 and Bin B has Quantity of 20. The remaining 20 is unassigned and is showing on Transactions>Inventory>Bin Putaway Worksheet. Therefore the total Bin on Hand is 120 (100 + 20).

When user create an Inventory Count and click Start and Complete, the Snapshot Quantity will show 120 instead of 140 which is the Quantity on Hand. This is because the Bin on Hand is only 120. Therefore, prior to creating an Inventory Count, please make sure that all Items have been assigned to their corresponding Bins. 

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