Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Campaigns Saved Search > Transaction fields... Do Not Return Results Even if there are Linked Expense Transactions on the Campaigns

The Transaction fields... in the Campaign Saved Search are based on the Lead Source field of the transactions.

This means that only transactions that used the specified campaigns as Lead Sources can be pulled using the said column in the Campaigns Saved Search.

Take note that Expenses have no Lead Source fields.

Steps to Reproduce:

I. Create a campaign.
1. Navigate to Lists > Marketing > Marketing Campaigns > New.
2.  Populate all necessary fields and set Title = AAA campaign.
3. Save.

II. Create an Estimate/ Quote
1. Transactions > Sales > Prepare Estimates.
2. Populate all the necessary fields and tabs.
3. Set Lead Source = AAA campaign.
4. Save.

III. Create a campaign saved search
1. Reports > Saved searches > All Saved Searches > New.
2. Select Campaign.
3. Under Results tab:
 - Campaign ID
 - Transaction fields: Internal ID
 - Transaction fields: Lead Source
 - Transaction fields: Amount 
 - Transaction fields: Amount (Transaction Total)
4.  Save & Run.

Actual result: The Transaction fields... pulled only those transactions that used the AAA Campaign as Lead Source.


  • As per Help guide (Marketing, Sales Force Automation, and Partners : Marketing : Capturing Leads : Lead Sources)

    Lead sources define how new leads come to your company. If you use the Marketing Automation feature, the list of possible lead sources matches the titles of your marketing campaigns. Lead source is set in the Lead Source field on lead, prospect, and customer records.
  • Expense reports do not have standard Lead Source fields. Therefore, they cannot be pulled using Transaction field... in the Campaigns Saved Search.


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