Monday, May 20, 2019

Execute Campaign when Target Group Exceeds the Number of Email Messages Remaining for the Year


User's total remaining Campaign Email Volume is only 5,000 and user needs to send it to our existing Group with 6,000 members. If user is going to push through in sending the Marketing Campaign to that Target Group, user receives an email notification:

The campaign event Referral Request scheduled for (date) could not be executed. The number of email messages for this campaign exceeds the amount remaining for the year by xxxx (total number of recipients exceeding the allotted Campaign Email Volume).

This account has xxxx email messages remaining for the year.

Please contact your NetSuite Account Manager to purchase additional campaign emails or reduce the number of email recipients to execute this campaign.

If user doesn't want to create a new Group, user can use Test Cells instead and send it separately by percentage. (See SuiteAnswers Marketing Test Cells, Answer Id: 9435). 

Note:  Test Cells feature needs to be enabled under Setup > Marketing > Preferences > Marketing PreferencesCampaign Test Cells box (using Administrator role).

Once the Test Cells are created, follow the steps below:

1.      Navigate to Lists > Marketing > Marketing Campaigns > Edit the Marketing Campaign.

2.      In the Events tab > Email subtab > Enter the Target Group user wants to send the Marketing Campaign to.

3.      If that Target Group has Test Cells created, there are values in the dropdown list for the Test Cell column.

4.       Enter other information needed (Templates, Title, Channel, Status, etc.)

5.       Repeat the steps from step 3 until all the Test Cells available for that Target Group are selected.

6.      Click Save.

Depending on the percentage, each Event for each Test Cell will be sent until user has used up most, if not all, of the remaining Campaign Email Volume.

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