Friday, May 3, 2019

Update the Obsolete Date Field onAssembly Item Record

A. Prepare the CSV file

The fields needed are the Internal ID of the Item record, the Line ID of the components, and the value for the Obsolete Date field.

Note: Line ID of the component may be checked by opening the Item record > Purchasing/Inventory subtab > Components sublist. First item would correspond as line 1, second item would correspond as line 2, etc. The ability to obtain the Line ID of the Components through a Saved Search is an enhancement to the system and is logged as Issue 242854.

Thus, if an item has 3 components, this would be the format of the CSV file:

*Internal ID of the Item is 100 (for illustration purposes)

Internal ID             Line ID            Obsolete Date

   100                        1                    12/31/2013

   100                        2                    12/31/2013

   100                        3                    12/31/2013


B. Perform the Import

1. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records

    Import Type = Items

    Record Type = Assembly/BOM Item

2. Click Select, choose the file for the import, and click Next.

3. Set Data Handling to Update and click Next.

4. Map the following fields:

    Internal ID = Internal ID

    Line ID = Members 1 : Line ID (Item Members folder > Item Members 1 subfolder)

    Obsolete Date = Members 1 : Obsolete Date (Item Members folder > Item Members 1 subfolder)

5. Click Next

6. Enter an Import Map Name and click Save & Run or simply click Run.

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