Thursday, June 20, 2019

International Shipping setting and Shipping Label Integration > Manufacturer Tariff field is missing on Item records

Some of the fields in the Item records are dependent on the settings Administartor enables. The Manufacturer Tariff and such fields are related to International Shipments which are linked to the International Shipping setting and Shipping Label Integration.

To see these fields, Administrator needs to enable the Shipping Label Integration feature.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features.
  2. Under Transactions subtab check the Shipping Label Integration.
  3. Save.
  4. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping.
  5. Under Preferences subtab > check the International Shipping option.
  6. Save.

Make sure that these fields are set to Show = True on Item Form (Customization > Forms > Entry Forms > edit preferred form for Items > Screen Fields, e.g. Manufacturer Tariff field).
After this, user is able to see more fields on the Item form related to International Shipment which includes Manufacturer Tariff field.

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