Friday, June 21, 2019

Time Tracking Form does not show Case/Task/Event field


Time entered via New Weekly Time button (Time Tracking tab) on Case Record is not being reflected on Case time tracking sublist

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Case Record
2. Click Time Tracking tab > New Weekly Time button
3. Under Enter Time tab > Customer column, select the customer on case record
4. Enter number of hours on the Date column
5. Click Save

Actual Results: Time entered was not logged on Case Record
Expected Results: Time entered will be logged on Time Tracking sublist

-There is no problem using New Time button, only problem is via New Weekly Time button
-Both buttons are pulling up the same custom Time Tracking Form


The reason why the time entered from the case record via the New Weekly Time button not being logged on the case record's Time Entry sublists is because the case record is not being specified on the Time Entry Form. The Time Entry Form does not have the Case/Task/Event Column to let the user specify the case record to be linked. To have the Case/Task/Event Column showed on the Time Entry Form, the Advanced Projects feature should be enabled. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Company tab > Projects > mark Advanced Projects then click Save.

Reference SuiteAnswers Help Article Entering a Weekly Time Sheet (ID: 8511)

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