Friday, July 12, 2019

Default Cash Sales to Credit Card Approved instead of Charge Credit Card

When creating a cash sale, the "Charge Credit Card" checkbox is marked by default. This becomes a problem when customer usually charges their customer's credit cards using a third party application (outside NetSuite) and only records the charge inside NetSuite.

Because the "Charge Credit Card" is marked by default there is a possibility that you can accidentally charge the customer's credit card again.

To set the Cash Sale to default to "Credit Card Approved" instead, follow the procedure below:

1.    Navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction Forms

2.    Customize or Edit the form that you are using

3.    Go to Screen Fields tab > Billing:Payment subtab

4.    Under Default Checked column, mark the checkbox for Credit Card Approved

5.    Save the form

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