Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Use Express Entry on Bin Transfer generates an error: Please enter a value for From Bins

When using the Express Entry, there is no field for From Bin. Only the Bin field which pertains to the To Bin is available.  These are the steps a user may encounter when using the Express Entry:

1. Navigate to Transactions > Inventory > Bin Transfer.
2. Select a Location with more than 2 Bin Numbers.
3. Select the item record.
4. Add the quantity.
5. Click the Inventory Detail box.
6. Click the Express Entry button.
7. Change the bin to the desired bin number.
8. Paste the serial numbers on the Serial Numbers box (at least 2 serial numbers).
9. Click OK button.

Notice: Please enter a value for From Bins.

To use the Express Entry on the Inventory Detail, the user must set the following:

1. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General tab > Optimizing NetSuite section.
2. Change the Maximum Entries in Dropdowns to a number higher than the users total bin numbers like 200.
3. Click Save.


1. Changing the preference will also affect other records to appear on dropdown lists.
2. Regardless if there is a Preferred Bin set on the item record or not, the user will still encounter the error if the Maximum Entries in Dropdowns is set to a number lesser than the total bin numbers like 0.
3. As per Field Level Help, the maximum number you can enter on the Maximum Entries in Dropdowns is 500.

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